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O.K. I tried too........Lifescan told me that in no way were they giving out
free meters and that if I'd heard of it then it was a distributing company
giving them out, not Lifescan. I am going to try again today.   So far all
is going well with my pump. Week three and perfectly acceptable readings,
however I am still sick. Originally the Dr. suggested I had strep throat and
put me on 10 days of antibiotics and when I finished those I felt just as
bad so I went back to the doctor on Friday and now the suggestion is
mononucleosis......my neck is so sore, my glands are very swollen, so much
it hurts right up to my ears, and I was told to do nothing, it'll go away.
He did do a mono spot test on me and the results should be ready today. I am
going back to demand something....anything. This is ridiculous. I am going
on week three feeling like this. Initially my blood sugars were effected but
they seem to have leveled right out. I am very sick of this family
physician...you know the type that gets totally insulted when any questions
are asked. Do all Doctors get threatened when a patient questions their
decisions? I hate it. I live in a small town and the choice of physicians is
pretty limited. I'll guess I'll go back today and be a good girl and listen
to what he tells me. I suppose my lack of respect comes from my initial
diagnoses with diabetes...they assumed for the first three months that the
sugar in my urine must have been caused by the sweet cereal I was
eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost ended up comatose till they realized what was
wrong. My mother diagnosed it before they did! And I am the only one in the
family with it. She just put two and two together!!!!!!

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