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Re: [IP] Totally frustrated!!!!!!

> > Okay, O' Great Ones Of Experience...I need some words of encouragment
> > and some help...I want to rip this damn pump right out of me and go back
> > to those god forsaken injections!!!  I was doing wonderfully keeping it
> > more or less in the 100 to 160's.  Now, the past week I have been up and
> > down and can't get it back to where it was - EXAMPLE:  7p.m. 49, 11p.m.
> > 244, 7a.m. 200, 12p.m. 200, 2p.m. 205, 4p.m. 55, 6p.m. 100 (FINALLY!)
> > and then 8p.m. 55!!!!!!  Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!  It is not my carb.
> > counting, I'm not that bad (really) and I am NOT over bolusing when it
> > is high (I do the little math equation with the calculator even!)  WHAT
> > IS WRONG?!?!?   Anyone willing to take a guess at it...my doctor and I
> > have been guessing and it isn't working?!?!?      

Nothing is wrong. Be patient. Sometimes it takes weeks to finally 
find all the quirks in your basal requirements. These will include 
mensus, when you rise and go to sleep, how long from dinner to sleep, 
etc.... Just work to isolate each of the influences so you can adjust 
for them separately. Read the HOWTO's about checking basals and/or 
the sections in Pumping Insulin. My daughter is going through 
adolescence & puberty. Thing get stable for 3 to 6 months at a time 
and just when we start to relax, there is some other big change that 
causes her basal requirements to move around and stabilize at some 
new spot. We're getting better at tracking them.  Basically we will 
work on one phase at a time for a week or two. Usually night times 
first since they are the most inconvenient and dangerous. Twice a 
week at the most, we check every two hours without getting her out of 
bed. Alternating the hour (odd and even) on the different nights. 
Once that is reasonably stable we'll do mornings, afternoons and 
evenings fasting, checking every hour for 4 - 6 hours at a 
stretch. Then recheck everything in a week or so. This may take 
several weeks of checking a couple of days each week with spot checks 
on other days, resting from this hassle in between. In the last 6 
months, we've seen 3:1 variations in old to new basals. The GOOD news 
is that they are nice and stable once again and it was straight 
forward to get it done, just took a while. Lily can usually keep her 
bg's in target range of 80  -160 on a 24hr basis again.

Hang in there!!!


Michael <email @ redacted>
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