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Re: GEHA coverage was (Re: [IP] Going on pump...one of these days.)

In a message dated 98-05-25 18:09:09 EDT, you write:

<< I switched from another FEHB plan
 to BC this year, and now am finally set up with someone that can deliver
 insulin pump supplies, but it was very frustrating.  You cannot get them from
 the mail order.   >>

Meshell,  just curious about which plan you WERE on...we are FEHB and switched
to GEHA last year b/c better hospitalization coverage.  But we're gonna have
to switch again next year or the year after.  (GEHA's durable medical
equipment has a $10,000 lifetime cap and pump supplies are billed under DME.
We'll hit that within 2 years.)  We've still got time to think about it, but I
dread swithching AGAIN!!!  I've looked into BCBS and don't like the coverage
vs. cost.

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