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Re: [IP] Re: Air in infusion lines

During onset I was hospitalized for three days to regualte my blood sugar and
get my potassium level back to normal. After a rough first night, I looked
over at my IV and it had large air bubbles in the tubing. I totally freaked
out. The nurse came in and laughed at me. She told me that it would take an
air bubble one mile long to put enough air in you vein to kill you.  The only
time air bubbles become a problem is if you are trying to achieve an accurate
dose of insulin.  My husband was told the same thing when I had gone into
premature labor and was drugged out of my mind.  He noticed there were bubbles
in my IV at that time and expressed concern to the nurse. She told him almost
the same thing.  
     When drawing out insulin from the vial I always put air into the syringe
and push it out into the vial. I find it helps draw up the insulin into the
syringe better.  
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