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Re: [IP] A Little Better, Thanks


Your words give me some hope that Woody may yet return.  I don't have a
"robust" attitude and tend to assume the worst given no data to go on.  On
the plus side, Woody was very healthy and well-fed.  He avoided traffic,
fights with other cats, and people he didn't know.  I just keep seeing
things around the apartment that remind me of him, and -- sap that I am --
start a new round of sobbing.  (Or my too-fertile imagination concocts some
scenario where he died a horrible death that we could have prevented had we
known.)   I never had children, and wouldn't presume to compare them to
pets, but in a way my cats are like my babies.  I want Woody to see his
Mama's new toy! 

And it is definitely a godsend!  This morning, after carefully figuring out
the correct bolus with hubby's voluntary and unsolicited participation (I
love this man to pieces), I forgot to take the damn thing.  Two hours later
I was testing at 298, up from 131.  I was freaking out, afraid my new site
had gone bad, when hubby calmly asked if there was a possibility I'd
forgotten to take my breakfast bolus.  And with the pump's memory, it was
easy to determine that this was indeed the problem!  So I took the amount I
should have taken, and two hours later, was right back within my target
range.  Pretty scary to think that 1.5 units of insulin made a 167 point
difference, though!

I'm not having the amount of trouble with the SofSet / tape that I was
having.  I put a half piece of IV 3000 down, then use the IV 3000 donut,
and I use two small pieces of hypafix in an "X" shape to secure a loop.  No
polyskin, no adhesive tab, and minimal tape covering my skin (I've had *no*
problems with tape *not* sticking.  My last set lasted 4 days with minimal
itching and only a small welt (smaller that a mosquito bite) upon removal. 
I do intend to try the Silouhettes at some point, however.

There is absolutely NO WAY I would voluntarily go back to MDI.  It was an
exercise in effortful futility.  And I don't find the pump to be much more
work (if any; I've only changed sets several times and I'm already under 20
minutes; and after that, I don't have to bother with it), even though the
result would be worth much more work to me!  I LOVE PUMPING!!!

Thanks again.

--Laurel (using MM 507 since 5/15/98)

> From: Rosalind Mincher <email @ redacted>
> To: Laurel & Wayne Sedgwick <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] A Little Better, Thanks
> Date: Saturday, May 23, 1998 6:32 PM
> Laurel so glad you are feeling better. No need to answer, just get to
> feeling great and comfortable with your pump. I'm still hoping Woody will
> come home. I had a cat missing for months and on the day i was going to
> move out of the house he showed up in the rafters of the garage! I think
> he must have gotten trapped in someone's garage or toolshed. That was in
> So. Calif. Then in No Calif i had a cat gone for 6 weeks. I heard a cry
> one morn and there she was. All bones and really dehydrated, but she was
> home. So i will continue to pray for Woody's safe return. Puffers never
> left the property after she came back that time. I had her for a good 18
> years. Take care of yourself and keep up the good work, Roz
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