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Rebate Coupons, (was) Re: [IP] Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter


If you receive "free" or "reduced cost" coupons for any diabetes related
product, you might want to consider hanging on to them, even if they are of
no immediate use to you. There are many diabetics who can use these offers
to offset some of their costs.

Even though I am on an insulin pump, I often receive offers for free
Insulin pens (due in part to some marketer's screwed up database, I'm sure
;-)). I save these and send them to someone who expresses a real need for
them. The same applies for other assorted offers for creams, lotions and
other goodies which come my way via magazines, unsolicited mail, etc..

There used to be a very active "meter recycling program" coordinated on a
voluntary basis by an individual on one of the other mailing lists. Used
meters were sent to him and they were transferred to individuals to be used
as "trade ins" on vendor rebate offers. In addition, the points coupons
distributed by some vendors with their products were collected and traded
in as part of vendors' rebate programs. The last time I checked (over 4
months ago) well over 200 meters had been upgraded / distributed through
the efforts of this person, which was outstanding.

Hang on to those coupons - you never know who might need them. It might be
one of your "silent neighbors" on this list.

Now, just to see if you read all the way through this post, I have a
"Performance Script" from Eli Lilly. It can be traded in for one free
bottle or one free carton of cartridges (Humulin or Humalog, with any
required prescription). This script expires on 10/99. Please mail me
privately if you have a sincere need for this.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

At 03:22 AM 5/25/98 -0700, Sue W. wrote:

>Hi Lisa,
>I got the 2 rebate coupons with my free meter, also.  You might just as
>well throw them away.  When you read the fine print, they are useless. 
>The coupon states that 1) You have to send a copy of your sales slip in
>with the coupon (the free meter has no sales slip) and 2) You cannot
>receive any rebate amount larger than the amount you paid for the meter
>(in this case, $0).  It's not worth wasting the stamp to try and send
>the coupons in.

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