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[IP] High blood sugars

The problems people have with Humalog aren't usually connected with
matching the speed insulin to the food they're eating. That can be
worked around with square-waves and split boluses. Many people find that
with straight Humalog the infusion site goes bad quicker and it stops
absorbing insulin so well after 2 or 3 days. Some find that the
situation is much improved by mixing a small amount of Regular with the
Humalog. Everyone is different, and they're bodies react differently,
but there is some evidence that Humalog can do funny things.

If you're finding your evening bg's respond differently to the same food
and insulin, that's normal. The human body, and its metabolism, runs at
different rates at different times of the day. As pumping becomes a fine
art, you find these things out!

BTW You might also want to check that your basal rates are correct in
the evening, by missing the meal completely. Some people have a marked
"dusk effect" where their required basal rate rises sharply at that time
of day.

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