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Re: [IP] Reyes Syndrome

Hi Judy,

>From what I recall hearing on the news, it is aspirin that triggers
Reyes Syndrome in children not Tylenol.  

Either way, your sister shouldn't feel guilty ... she was only doing
what was believed to be best for her child at the time.

<< Just before my niece turned three (about 23 yrs ago), no one
understood Reyes
Syndrome.  She had the typical symtoms that are so familiar now.  Flu
with a high temp.  Within 48 hrs, after my sister gave her Tylenol to
down the temp, she went into a coma. They took her to the hospital in
Illinois.  The military flew her to Evansville.  They put her on
and drilled a burhole in her head to reduce brain swelling.  In Reyes
Syndrome, the body attacks it's own liver, totally destroying it.  It is
severe auto-immune disease.  It is believed that the same autosomal
that runs throughout my family manifested itself it this deadly
disease.  It
wasn't for another 5 yrs or so that they understood the disease, and
then put
out warnings about Tylenol some how triggering it.  You can imagine the
lifetime of guilt my sister has undergone.  The connection is autosomal
leading to an auto-immune disease that our bodies attack our own good
In diabetes, it is thought, our bodies have attacked our islet cells in
the same way.
Hope this helps.
Judy P. >>


	... Sue  :-)

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