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[IP] BARBARA: coverage for "education"

Hi Kasey,

Sounds like insurance company/HMO mumble jumble to me.  

When my Endo wanted to send me to see a Registered Dietitian (a
reasonable request for a diabetic) my insurance/HMO refused to pay for
it.  We then looked in to "Diabetes Education" classes and found that
the insurance/HMO would cover them 100%.  We went this route because the
series of classes included consultation with a dietitian.  The
interesting part here is that the classes cost about 5 times what the
dietitian alone would have cost.  I guess the extra education didn't
hurt me, though, and I did get my diet for carb counting worked out at
the insurance/HMO's expense.  Sometimes you just have to go at things
from weird angles to get what you need accomplished.

<< I know Barbara mentioned a specific phrase that can be used instead
"diabetes education" to get it covered by insurance.  I told our CDE
about it
(at the time I did remember the phrase, just forgot it afterwards) and
tried to look it up (?).  She wanted me to ask if there was a "code
for it.  I think she was talking about those %^(*&$(% insurance codes. 

Kasey >>


	... Sue  :-)

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