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Re: [IP] Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

Hi Lisa,

I got the 2 rebate coupons with my free meter, also.  You might just as
well throw them away.  When you read the fine print, they are useless. 
The coupon states that 1) You have to send a copy of your sales slip in
with the coupon (the free meter has no sales slip) and 2) You cannot
receive any rebate amount larger than the amount you paid for the meter
(in this case, $0).  It's not worth wasting the stamp to try and send
the coupons in.

Oh well ... guess that's just life.

<< I called yesterday and they are sending me a free meter and 2 rebate
coupons.  Wether there is a promotion or not some of us ARE getting the
meter for free.

Lisa (Spencer's Mom) >>


	... Sue  :-)

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		Your life probably isn't!

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