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Re: [IP] set changes

I have severe nausea that is probably associated with gastroparesis: I
notice the nausea when I am high too if my gut is not working.  However, the
severity is probably greatest when I'm having "one of those days" AND I get
low.  As I have said before, sometimes the lows that I experience are very
difficult to remedy (72 g of glucose, tab form) and come on quite rapidly.
Testing frequency has increased significantly -- I often do a bg while
driving now, as well as always doing one before driving.
Take care,
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Date: May 22, 1998 11:46 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] set changes

>Has anyone else besides me get motion sickness when hypoglycemic?  I have
>trouble with motion sickness anyway, but if I'm hypo it accentuates it to
>point I can experience it while I'm driving!  Please, I do know to test
>I drive, but sometime it comes on very quickly.
>Judy P.
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