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Re: [IP] Going on pump ... one of these days.

Hi John,

Hang in there ... I am in a similar situation.  My Endo Rx'd the pump on
4/29/98.  I heard from the insurance company (HMO) about 2 weeks later
asking me for some personal information (kind of an interview sort of
thing).  A few days ago, I called my insurance (HMO) rep and was told
that they were now waiting on some of the information from my Endo. 
Right now it seems like things are going in circles ... but I am hoping
for a quick resolution.  I, too, am anxious to start pumping!

Good luck on your pursuit.

<< My internist wrote my insurance co a letter ( acording to their
instructions )
about my past BGs, my need for a pump.  Have yet to hear from the ins
Hope to soon.  <g>

Never even *heard* of a pump a year ago!  Now, I'm getting one....

May *eventually* get a pump!  ( Heh, heh... )

John Huff, Dayton OH >>


	... Sue  :-)

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		Your life probably isn't!

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