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[IP] apologies & Humalog success....

	Hi all - sorry about the repetitive messages from me earlier... my email
program kept telling me the message was Q'd & not sent.  <#%#@!!
computers!>  Re: humalog success - I am one of those using straight Humalog
& for me it works great.  I like you also noticed elevated evening sugars,
sometimes post 4-5 hrs after dinner.  Content definately does play a part.
I have the MM 507 & so have the ability to "square wave" the dinner bolus.
For most dinners I actually bolus 60-70% of required immediately, and then
"square wave" the remaining 30-40% over an approx 3-4 hours period.  I vary
the percentage square waved, and the length of time dependent on the fat
content of the meal.  The square wave feature really just lengthens the
time that the programmed bolus is infused - making the onset & duration of
action of a Humalog bolus act more like a bolus of Regular (less of a sharp
peak of action & more of a tail).  A similar type of thing could be done
without the use of a square wave by splitting up the dinner bolus and
manually delivering it.  I like the advantages of using the more
instantaneous Humalog & have not noticed any problems with predictability.

MM 507 with Humalog

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