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Re: [IP] Re: ruth is right

"Enjoyed" isn't the right word, but I can't think of the right one at this
moment. I enjoyed reading about how Darren's BG's were up and down like that.
Mine were, too, before I started on the pump in Sept. '97. (I have had
diabetes for 18 years).  I don't know if my parents were grilled so, but I
know that after I started going to Drs on my own as an adult, I would be given
the riot act about how come my sugars were so wacky. I have never been one to
"cheat" as they say, as a matter of fact I never used to eat any sugar with
the exception of reaction candy. It insulted me so for them to accuse me of
cheating all the time. Thank goodness I am with an Endo now who saw the wacky
for what wacky was, and not my so called cheating. You are right, hormones
have a lot to do with it, as does stress, and any number of other things that
aren't things that can be seen or touched (or eaten for that matter). I am on
Humalog with my pump, and know if I have a really high BG, to first check, did
I bolus? (anyone else forget on occasion?:-)) If the problem doesn't correct
itself in a couple of hours after a bolus, then I change the set. The highs
don't come along that often any more. 

At any rate, it was interesting for me to see I'm not the only one who has
been "questioned." 

Take Care! 
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