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In a message dated 98-05-23 12:34:39 EDT, you write:

 Is there a reason that this illness would keep you from going on the pump?  I
 can't say that the pump has reduced Darren's occurence with this problem, but
 we seem to be able to control the bs's much quicker than we could with mdi.
 It is also easier, since he doesn't have to eat to cover the long acting
 insulin.  Does that make sense?

Hi Liz,

Kayla's doing better now.  She goes through this a lot, too.  We still can't
figure out why.  We're starting to look at sinus problems.  Everytime she gets
sick, it's either when she's asleep or first thing in the morning.  No lab
tests have shown a problem, so it could be her sinuses.  

The illness itself won't stop her from pumping, but if she is sick when she's
scheduled to start, they will postpone it.  I was just hoping to get started
pumping before it happened again.  I realize that the pump won't stop her from
getting sick, but I'm hoping that it will make the illnesses easier to manage
(just like you stated it does for Darren).  That's the main reason we looked
into the pump for her.

I've got my fingers crossed for a healthy week ahead!  Last night my 2yo was
throwing up -- I just hope it's not contagious!

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