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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

Hi Katie,

I was diagnosed as type 2 in June of 1990.  In April of 1998, my
diagnosis was changed to type 1.

When I was diagnosed, the only other family member who was known to have
diabetes was my maternal great-grandmother.  When she was alive there
was no type 1 or type 2, just diabetes.  All we really know is that she
died from diabetic complications.

In July of 1997, my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  The jury
is still out about whether it is really type 2 as Glucophage, diet, etc.
don't seem to be helping her keep her BG's under control.

I do know that diabetes can be genetic.  I don't know the exact odds of
passing on the gene, however.  Also, many people who have the gene for
diabetes never actually develop the disease.

Good luck in having children.  My prayers are with you.  I understand
your feelings in that area.

<< This is a two-part question:
I am the only type I diabetic in my family. The only other known
diabetic is
my grandfather who was type II. On that side alone there were 29
and 22 great grandchildren. Myself being one of the grandchildren am the
diabetic. Are the two types related?

Type I is an auto-immune difficency, right? Is type II the same?

Second question:
Although I've been trying to conceive for 3 years, I am now considering
adoption only. I cry every time I read about these kids with diabetes. I
hate to pass on the "diabetic gene". I hate this disease. I can't
imagine the
horror of passing this on.
What are the chances of passing it on?
Katie >>


	... Sue  :-)

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