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Valuing Patient Input (was)Re: [IP] Re: ruth is right

  Couldn't agree more!!...Melissa's new endo scarcely looks at her bgs, so she
assumed that meant he wasn't a good doctor, because her former endo spent
about 30 minutes in silence, just reading every entry!! DUH!...What I like
about this one is he trusts US to realize when patterns are occuring & to make
what changes we can..He doesn't chastise us for her bgs..just firmly
reinforces that she needs to make certain adjustments if various times of the
day are becoming problem areas...
   Not to restart another anti-doc thread here but I also left a pediatrician
because when my then 7 yr old older daughter developed a vaginal infection,
the office receptionist insisted that my child must have "stuck something up
there". She told me to buy an over-the-counter med & wouldn't even bother the
doc with the phone call.  I submissively accepted that, but when nothing
improved, I switched her to a female pediatrician whose office immediately did
a culture of the discharge. Turned out to be a secondary strep infection that
had "settled" there after strep throat the previous month.....
    Bottom line: HMO restrictions notwithstanding, there is no reason to
remain with a physician who disregards your input, challenges your judgement &
generally doesn't treat you as a participant in your treatment plan. It
doesn't feel "comfortable
 the first time you do this, but when you "connect" with a doctor who DOES
respond to your specific needs, it will have been well worth that initial
   OK - time for me to jump off the Pumpers soapbox....

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-publicist!!)
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