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Re: [IP] Re: "Brittle Diabetic"

Hi Liz --

> Can anyone give a definition of what a "Brittle Diabetic" is.  Because they
> are "Brittle", do pieces of them just break off?????  Or is it like Peanut
> Brittle, where you have to really snap it to get a piece off??? he he!!!  just
> wondering : )

"Brittle" is an old term, referring to DM sufferers whose BGs run all over
the spectrum, from very hi to very lo.

Been there; done that -- and I *still* do.  <g>  Pieces still break off me.  <g>

John Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 18 months, now 61 )
mailto:email @ redacted

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