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Re: [IP] Life of pumps

In a message dated 5/23/98 1:58:14 PM, you wrote:

<<Trust you understand that the effect of getting a MM wet is that the steel
feedscrew by the syringe will rust? The electronics might fail, but the unit
is basically water resistant. Take a look at the feedscrew, it may need to be
touched with VERY LITTLE lubricant to keep it clear, but I'd double check
with MM before doing so.>>

the MiniMed is made to withstand dunkings.  water can not get to the motor and
because it has a solenoid motor concern reguarding delivery/electronics is not
an issue.  yes, salt can corrode the lead screw just as it can with any pump.
there is the 7.2 unit test one can do on the MiniMed if ever there is concern
it is not delivering as it should.
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