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Re: [IP] High blood sugars

On Sun, 24 May 1998, Arnold & Carol Krueger wrote:

> 	I am a Humalog user who has had the annoying problem of blood 
>	sugars rising 2-3 hours after a meal. I am interested in asking 
>	if there is any reason why this should happen more often  after 
>	the evening meal rather than after breakfast or lunch. I do 
>	realize that the content of the meal can play a very big part 
>	in this, but for me there seems to be something else involved. 
>	I canšt put my finger on what it is. You would think that, 
>	assuming the content of the meals was very similar, the pattern of 
>	rising blood sugars would be the same no matter which meal it followed. 
>	Has anyone else experienced this or know of a reason why it could 
>	happen this way.
If the evening meal is generally larger than Breakfast or Lunch, it may 
simply take you longer to digest it. When Lily was younger (weight 80 
lbs) this was a problem for her and she usually would split her bolus for 
dinner. For about the last 9 mo to a year, she is almost as big as her 
mom and the bolus goes in at the beginning of her meal + additions for 
grazing and dessert. When she started mixing H+V the need to split 
diminished somewhat, so combined with getting bigger + mixing, she no 
longer splits her bolus. She mixes 5/1 so the effect is small, but it 
does help. My guess would be that without the mix she would probably have 
to split half at the meal start and the rest at the end, maybe even with 
a short square wave of 1/2 to 1 hour. She did that at the beginning of 
the year, but the need to do so went away.

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