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[IP] Re: silhouettes, still trying...

Hi Laurie B. - 

	I use both Soft Sets QR & Silhouettes depending upon insertion sites...
and what mood I might be in I suppose.  I have never noticed a difference
in absorption rates between sets.  Theoretically, if your Silhouettes was
in at too small an angle, *perhaps* this might make a difference vs the
Soft Set.... but, with the small but consistent infusion rates (equivalent
with either set), I tend to doubt it.  Any chance you could be at a
position in your cycle where you are just coincidently NOT seeing a need
for higher basals to cover dawn phenomenon??  My basals, particularly my
early AM basals with regards to dawn phenomenon, vary tremendously
dependent upon what stage of my cycle I am in.  It is NOT uncommon for me
to observe the very numbers that you have described..... and I immediately
adjust basals as needed - provided that those "lows" are not related to any
boluses, or dramatic changes in activities, etc.   I will also say that
some months I require a higher increase in basal to cover this rise than
others!  It is not necessarily always the same.  But I have come to learn
the patterns, and to learn the "signs" through observation & analysis....
and adjust accordingly.  "Think like a pancreas" - works for me!

:) - Delaine
Type 1 15 yrs, MM507 & Humalog 11/97

PS - One more thought..... sometimes I think that much of what we observe
pumping happened to us all prior to all this, it's just that we are all
testing & profiling so much more than we EVER were that we notice it all
now.  AND we can & WILL do something about it - that's the BEST part!
Gotta LOVE the power of the pumper!!  :)

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