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[IP] Re: Air Bubbles

    The only time I have had trouble getting bubbles in the line is when I
have to open a "new" vial of Velosulin and it does not have time to come up
to room temperature. It seems you have covered all the bases here. One thing
I would like to add. . .  . When I prepare a new set I fill the reservoir
and prime the tubing manually by holding my thumb on the plunger of the
reservoir and applying just enough pressure to watch the insulin run to the
end if the cannula. I have gotten really good at it and after manually
priming it only takes a 1.5 unit bolus to get the stuff flowing out the end
of the needle. This procedure, of course, saves a lot of power on the
    Back to the air problem, I have noticed that when I have to use the cold
Velosulin it does indeed make a "foamy" looking mass of tiny bubbles that so
far have never got into the line. The small amount of air would be in the
reservoir right up until it is time to change sets again.
    On another subject, after working outdoors today for a good while, and
getting really hot and sweaty, I bet over to pick up some leaves and felt a
stick at my sight. Later, on closer examination, I found that the Polyskin
II dressing was failing. Since this was a fairly new set I carefully cleaned
up around the sight and while holding down on the button from the SoftSet,
removed the old dressing. With help from my wife we cleaned the area and
applied a new dressing and it has worked just fine. That was several hours
ago and I bolused after redressing and it works. Just thought I would
mention that for anyone who might be interested.
    BTW. . . . Did you ever receive the Polyskin II dressings I sent?????

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