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Re: [IP] when did blood testing meters come out?

When I was 10 or 11, I went to a Dr in Denver to check out if I had food
allergies. They used BG's to help determine allergies or sensitivities. I
remember my folks were very interested, because they took the blood out of my
fingers instead of my arm, and had the readings made by a machine, not against
the bottle. That was 17 or 18 years ago, so the details are fuzzy for me, but
I think it wasn't too long afterward that the home glucose monitoring machines
came out. My first was a Dextrometer. It had to be plugged in, calibrated
every time I used it with a special strip, timed with my wrist watch, and the
blood had to be washed off of the strip with distilled water and dried with a
kleenex before it could be read some time after it was dried (can't remember
how many seconds it was.) At present, I use a One Touch Profile. My how times
have changed, and definitely for the better!

PS My guess for home BG monitoring machines is 15-17 years ago.
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