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Re: [IP] site pain

    Sounds like the start of a possible site infection...To catch it in its
earliest stages:
  a) squeeze hydrogen peroxide (from a cotton ball) onto the area..this will
cause the "pus" to bubble up & out
  b) put warm (NOT burning) compresses on the area after the hydrogen peroxide
   c) re-consider your "sterile" technique prior to insertion...my 15 yr old
had one serious (needing antibiotics) one mild (started antibiotics) and one
quickly resolved site infection....Since she finally "GOT IT" & now ALWAYS
uses her "sterile technique of choice " (there are a variety of
possibiliities) this hasn't happened since
   d) for future reference- she's also learned that PAIN at the insertion site
is to be regarded as a RED LIGHT: change the insertion set/ something's
   e) do NOT get discouraged...as Melissa's history shows, this can be
resolved..some pumpers will NEVER have to contend with infections...others,
like Melissa, tend to "harbor" staph aureus" germs & if they're careless about
sterile technique, will put themselves "at risk"

    WELCOME ABOARD the pump bandwagon Darla!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom)
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