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Re: [IP] Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

On 23 May 98 at 2:10, Forrest Green wrote:

> I just hope the next time we go to buy strips for this thing, they're not
> like $100 a box or something..  Really, overnighted?  was that necessary?
> you're getting a free meter couldn't you wait for it?    I hope nobody here
> owns stock in lifescan, a free meter I can understand because that will
> insure a long time of strip purchases, but not overnight delivery.. that's
> just wrong..

I don't think Lifescan ships any other way - and as a large 
corporation with lots of shipments they get a reduced rate and have a 
single shipping procedure, so it's actually cheaper for them than 
having multiple packages (marked differently) and having people to 
handle the packages through different shippers.  

Randall Winchester

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