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Re: [IP] Re: Air in infusion lines

Dan Oliver wrote:
> Obviously option (a) is much more likely to be the case.  I often find that
> after thoroughly eliminating ALL bubbles from the syringe/reservoir,when I
> connect the tubing's leur connector a small bubble of air becomes trapped
> just inside the connector.  It's hard to see and is often left behind even
> after a 'clean' priming has been done.  I've noticed this a lot more with
> the Silhouette infusion sets than with the Comforts, I believe because the
> Silhouette tubing's leur connector is slightly longer.

I always fll the LuerLok connector to overflowing when refilling the syringe, 
then make sure there is NO air in the syringe hub by pushing in the plunger 
until it forms a dome of insulin on the connector. Then connect them by 
tilting the syringe up till the 2 domes combine before the connectors are 
together and you should have no air there.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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