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Re: [IP] Re: Air in infusion lines

I have a Disetronic, and I get all the bubbles out of the cartridge that I
can before I put it back together.  Then I stand the pump up on the counter
while I prime it, so any bubbles go down the tubing.  20 units priming is
just right for the 43 inch long tubing. Sometimes, I have to prime a little
more if there are still bubbles in the line.

At 08:43 PM 5/22/98 -0700, Pete d'Artois wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am having problems with large air bubbles in my infusion lines. (And
>it doesn't seem to matter whether I inject air into the bottle or not
>before filling my syring.)  I think I am doing things right.  My insulin
>(Humalog) is kept at room temperature.  I always make sure there are no
>bubbles in the syringe before I connect the infusion set and then I
>prime the line with insulin.  I check the luer lock connection as well. 
>Today as I was going to bolus my lunch insulin I noticed a series of 3
>or 4 bubbles that were 1/4-1/3 inch long.  Also there were a lot of much
>smaller bubbles in the line.   I have been finding this a lot lately. 
>Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
Michael Strong
Fayetteville, NC
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