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Joanne wrote:
> I couldn't have said it better myself. That's exactly what it seemed
> like. The big let down after all that anticipation. Anyway, it was not a
> big deal. I guess I used the wrong words in my original e-mail to
> Melissa. After that first week of pumping, I was right into it and
> loving it. I would never go back, believe me.
> The overall transitional period could not have gone any smoother.

After a few months on the pump, I hit a curious emotional problem:

Before I had the pump, I assumed that all the problems in my life were
caused by my diabetes, and the fact I couldn't control my bg's properly. 

Once I got on the pump, and got the diabetes nicely under control, I
found that the bad control was causing only half the problems in my

So although I'm much much happier, I now I have nothing to blame for my
general laziness, lack of ambition, unfulfilled potential, wasted life
etc etc etc !!!!!

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