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[IP] Re: Air in infusion lines

Pete d'Artois wrote:
> I am having problems with large air bubbles in my infusion lines. (And
> it doesn't seem to matter whether I inject air into the bottle or not
> before filling my syring.)  I think I am doing things right.  My insulin
> (Humalog) is kept at room temperature.  I always make sure there are no
> bubbles in the syringe before I connect the infusion set and then I
> prime the line with insulin.  I check the luer lock connection as well. 
> Today as I was going to bolus my lunch insulin I noticed a series of 3
> or 4 bubbles that were 1/4-1/3 inch long.  Also there were a lot of much
> smaller bubbles in the line.   I have been finding this a lot lately. 
> Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

I can't work out precisely what the problem is. If after priming a new
set you are absolutely sure there is no air anywhere in the system, then
I've no idea where the bubbles could come from.

I have sometimes had trouble with bubbles stuck in the luer lock, which
REFUSE to move, no matter how much I push insulin backwards and
forwards. Flicking sometimes makes it worse, as I end up with lots of
little bubbles that refuse to move!

To put some figures on it: 2 inches of air in the tube = 1 unit of
insulin. So you need a fair bit of air before you deny yourself much
insulin, and a small bit of air in the fat under the skin does no harm.

Ted has a nice idea of wearing the pump pointing downwards, so trapped
air percolates back into the syringe. But that may not help if the air's
already in the tube. And you can't keep it pointing down in bed.

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