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[IP] silhouettes, still trying

Has anyone else on silhouettes wore them in their thigh?  Did you find
that at night, or during a nap that you bg went lower?  I'm thinking
that as I am relaxing (asleep) this must allow the insulin to be more
absorbed, or something.  Every night now I have been going lower than I
did with the sof-set q-r.  I keep testing at 2:30 and then at 7 a. and
my test will drop from the early a.m. test sometimes a little and
sometimes a lot on these sil's.  My basals were working fine before the
sil, now I drop from 135 bg at 2:30 to 68 bg at 7:.  I will be moving
the set this weekend now, and see if this is going to continue.  I live
an enigma with this disease &**(&($5^^^^  Laurie B
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