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This is in reply to your post on 5/13.  I am sorry it is so far behind, but I
am way behind in reading.  Anyways, how is Kayla doing?  I know as I read
farther, I will find out, but this hits very close to home for me.  I don't
know if you recall, but I tend to have the same sort of problems with Darren.
He is 13 1/2 and we go through a vomitting spell about every 4 to 6 weeks.  We
haven't had to go to the hospital yet, but there are days when I am very
scared.  He seems to weather through it much better than I.  I know just what
you are going through with all of the emotions.  

Is there a reason that this illness would keep you from going on the pump?  I
can't say that the pump has reduced Darren's occurence with this problem, but
we seem to be able to control the bs's much quicker than we could with mdi.
It is also easier, since he doesn't have to eat to cover the long acting
insulin.  Does that make sense?
I hope all is well and I will keep reading to find the answers.  My prayers
are with you.
Liz (Darren's mom, age 13 1/2, dxd 1/95 started pumping 1/98, MM597)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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