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Re: [IP] Life of pumps

JUDY102 wrote:
> Debbie, My Minimed 507 has 9 lives, I swear.  I don't wear the protective
> covering over it.  Once, I jumped into the Carribean to snorkel, forgetting
> about the pump!  That's how natural it gets and I've only been on it for 10
> months.  Last weekend, it fell in the toilet (to be perfectly honest, that's
> not the first time).  That God it still works and is ticking fine, because
> there is no way I would have told my endo or the reps that it just fell into
> the john.  There is just no way.....It still works.

Trust you understand that the effect of getting a MM wet is that the steel
feedscrew by the syringe will rust? The electronics might fail, but the unit
is basically water resistant. Take a look at the feedscrew, it may need to be
touched with VERY LITTLE lubricant to keep it clear, but I'd double check
with MM before doing so.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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