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Re: [IP] Re: Air in infusion lines

Pete, twice "emergencies" interrupted a set-up I was making.  In the process
I forgot to prime my tubing and went on my way.  When my sugars began to
rise, trouble-shooting my set-up brought me to "whoops, there's air in my
infusion line".
That's about a complete day's worth of insulin for me.  Being Scotch, I then
bolused 24-hours of air into myself so I could begin insulin therapy.

A little later I saw surgery nurses wheeling my husband to the operating
room with b-i-g bubbles in his infusion line.  And was assured that this
didn't matter. So I say air bubbles don't hurt.  (They may mess up your
figurin' a tad.)

I do push a full syringe of air into the air in the insulin bottle.  Hold
the bottle upside down and snap the syringe with my fingers snapping as many
of the tiny bubbles as possible to the top of the syringe and blow them out
with the plunger and repeat if necessary.

I get rid of the maximum I can.  If a few of the little buggers hid and
later join together to heck with them.  They can join their friends in my


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