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Re: [IP] Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

In a message dated 98-05-22 20:05:29 EDT, you write:

<< Try again and get a different rep!  LOL  From the looks of it, it
 depends on who you get, although, after yesterday, the reps may have all
 been chewed out and they're ALL telling the same story NOW!!  UNLESS you

I met with our CDE today about the pump and asked her what she thought of the
Fast Take.  She said she didn't know anything about it, only that she had been
told by the LifeScan rep that a new meter was coming out.  She said she was
going to get on the phone and call them to find out why she hadn't gotten one
yet. She also said that if her patients were talking about a new meter, she
better get one so she is familiar with it.  Poor LifeScan!  Me thinks we've
created a tidal wave...     ;-)

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