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Re: [IP] Re: ?'s 507 pump case

In a message dated 98-05-22 16:58:01 EDT, you write:

<< I had to make the case 
 myself (I wonder why no one else is making one).  The case protects the 
 pump from minor bumps and drops as well as protecting it from dust, 
 water, and chemicals.  It is far less bulky than the sportguard, and 
 alot more comfortable.  When I made the case I designed it similar to 
 the leather mini-med case, and cut a small slit in the back so that I 
 can attach the clip to the back of the pump and clip it onto my shorts.  
 I just bought an extra large neopyrene knee brace and cut the pieces 
 out.  If you wanted to try this, but aren't a good seamstress, drop me a 
 line and I can send more detailed instructions or help. >>

Thanks, Kim.  Sounds to me like you have a good idea to market.  :-)

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