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Re: [IP] Life of pumps

> >>>>>Remember to leave the old site in place at
> least 2 hours for Humalog or 4 hours for regular after changing
> sets.<<<<<
> Michael,
> I think I musta missed this chapter in "Pumping Insulin" but WHY do you
> leave the old set in for 2 more hours after changing sets??  I can't
> imagine what good it'd do!  Maybe I just missed some of this
> conversation though!  But thanks ahead of time for your patience with
> me!  :-)

While the pump is running, it is constantly infusing insulin into the 
site. If you bolus it infuses lots of insulin.

You pull the site out, the insulin leaks out of the site, sometimes a 
droplet of fluid large enough to see.

You know from priming your pump that a couple of units is difficult 
to see, and if you can see it on your skin, you've lost a lot.

So... the idea is to leave the old set in long enough for the 
majority of the insulin at the site to be absorbed. Thus, no 
unexplained after set change highs!

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