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Re: [IP] Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

Dee Dee,

Try again and get a different rep!  LOL  From the looks of it, it
depends on who you get, although, after yesterday, the reps may have all
been chewed out and they're ALL telling the same story NOW!!  UNLESS you
have an old meter to exchange for it!  I got mine today (good ol' Eugene
sent it to me overnight!  I love my Lifescan rep!!  hehehehe) and it is
sooo cute!  Someone in my room commented that it looks like a Giga pet
and she's right!  It's only missing the string so you can hang it around
your neck!!  LOL  I can't get over how small it is!  I'm afraid I might
lose it!!  Kristina couldn't wait to test with it when she got home from
school!  A bs of 300 didn't even phase her cause she was so excited over
it!  She can't wait to stick it in her pocket and take it with her!
LOL  It was easy to set the time and date (the year on the date goes up
to 2015, by the way!) and all the other stuff!  It's done counting down
long before you even have time to run of the insulin and start getting
it ready!  It's a great meter!  I just love it!

So try again!  It couldn't hurt!

Melissa  :-)

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