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Re: [IP] Life of pumps

> Nate (11 years old, dxd 3/97) starts pumping tomorrow!  Any 
> suggestions to make this an easier time for him?

Yep, bring him the ice-cream sundae on a silver platter!
As I recall, the double scoop one with hot fudge sauce at Baskin 
Robbins is about 90 grams of carbo. When Lily was 11 she'd do a 6.5 
unit bolus for one of those things. But you might want to wait a week 
or so until his basals are nice and straigtened out. :^)

Seriously, use an ice cube or two in a baggie to chill the insertion 
site before putting it in. Remember to leave the old site in place at 
least 2 hours for Humalog or 4 hours for regular after changing sets.
Test a 2:00 or 3:00 am. Try to keep the evening meal at least 5 hours 
away from bed time so he is stable when he goes to sleep, no snacks 
before bed unless low. Buy some Dex4 glucose tabs if you don't 
already have them, they taste better, come in 10's (handy to carry 
around) and 50's (handy to refill the 10's). Get him a credit card 
calculator and a fanny pack for the meter, log book, calculator. Copy 
the food multiplier chart from the back of Pumping Insulin 
(photoreduced, it will fit on front/back of 1 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheet) and 
stick it in his pack.  Buy a food scale and a good carbo counting 
book (see the list on the website under books). Can't think of 
anything else.

 The pumps get retired before they wear out -- 
that takes a long time.

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