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Re: [IP] Re: Rather not do it again

> with Humalog using the rule of 1500's.  I would calculate the insulin
> needed and take it then wait 30 to 45 minutes to test again.  I did this
> about 3 times before my BG seemed to be normal.  A little bit later I
> suddenly felt like I was going to pass out (this part hit me like a
> rock) and I told my friend that was at my apartment to call 911
> immediately!  
> These are the only events I can think of that were any different from my
> normal routine preceding the coma.
> << Post the details:

That's a lot of insulin. Humalog has a tail that stretches out over 5 
hours, I would guess that you got hit by the 'tail' so to speak and 
went very low. Others have experienced peculiar symptons with Humalog 
that have that 'low' feeling  followed by low symptoms but never 
actually seeing bg drops.  My daughter experienced this repeatedly 
until she started mixing a small amount of Velosulin with the H. The 
problems have not recurred. I don't know if your experience is 
related, but there is evidence from reports on this list that H can 
be somewhat unpredictible at times.

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