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[IP] update on silhouette

I wish I could say all went well, but for some reason I had a problem. 
At the time of the change my test was 149, and the change caused the
test to go up some, 200, so I bolused 1. unit and then bolused for my
meal 3.5.  well there was 2 hrs and another test at 256.  I though well
maybe I under calculated the carbs, so I bolused another 1 (1. will
lower my bg 100)   Another hour and still 299 bg.  I knew there was a
problem, somewhere.  I rechecked everything, and gave myself 1.unit and
fell asleep.  Not a good Idea, 3 hrs later and I woke soaking wet, to a
test of 22!  After seeing the test, I passed out. Luckily I don't live
alone so I was brought out with a glucagon shot.  I thought those days
were over since the pump!  So what did I do wrong (besides falling
asleep)?  Did the silhouette plug up and then all of a sudden come
unplugged?  I need to try this again soon, and all I can think is that
I'm not ready for the river of insulin that is released later.  It only
takes 1 unit to put me on my lips anyway, and a person does have to
sleep.  I will be alone all summer, so I am a little apprehensive.  Any
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