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[IP] What do you make of this?

Hi Laurel,

I have been pumping for about 7 weeks now and I found the 1st week of 
pumping very hard emotionally as you have stated. My control was great but 
I was having a hard time adjusting to being attached and had a 
semi-emotional breakdown on about Day #3 or 4. I called my CDE/Nurse and 
asked her how long it took most people to emotionally adjust and she said 6 
weeks to 3 months. When I asked her if my 'emotional breakdown' the night 
before was normal, she laughed and said 'yes' (as I was also kind of 
laughing when I asked her). Hearing this made me feel a lot better. I, as 
well started to feel guilty because we paid out of pocket for my pump and I 
thought "Oh, this is just great after spending all this money". After I had 
a couple of days off that week-end to relax and get more adjusted to pump 
life I swore I was a pump lifer because I suddenly loved it to death, 
especially after missing my first lunch in my life and not having a 

I don't know if I have helped you at all, but my advice is to hang in there 
and weigh out the pros and cons of MDI vs. Pumping. I think you'll find 
Pumping will win.

Bye for now,

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