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Re: [IP] Going on pump ... one of these days.

Hi Bob --

> My insurance company balked initially, even after reviewing my 3 months of
> records. What did the trick for me was offering to FAX them 15 year's worth
> of blood sugar readings, exercise records, etc.

Heh, heh ... you *should* have sent them 15 YEAR's worth of data.  Troubleis, it
might have taken a couple of years for them to receive it all.  <g>  But
they would have *deserved* it.

My internist put me on MI ( U before breakfast and bedtime; H 6 x daily ), so
he could "make a case" for me.  When I called my ins co ( Government Employees
Health Association ), the gal on the line told me GEHA would cover a pump if it
was sold by one of several cos, one of which is in Dayton.  <g>  She asked for
the dr's address, phone & fax nos, so she could send him info on what they
for approval.  Presumably, he sent all that last Friday.  <g>  Now, I've just
got to
*wait*.  ( PU! )  I assume they'll also cover my training, hospital
stay?,.suplies, etc
associated with getting the pump, and my using it.  Certainly hope so.

GEHA is one of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plans ( FEHBP ) that
Clinton tried to get instituted for eveybody.  It covers about everything you
imagine, and a few thing you can't.  <g>

John Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 18 months, now 61 )
mailto:email @ redacted

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