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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

On 21 May 98 at 22:05, John Neale wrote:

> Randall Winchester wrote:
> > ...I was a candidate for the 
> > DCCT and was talking to one of the researchers at Nashville...  and 
> > when I was disqualified because they discovered that the A1c test 
> > isn't reliable on me.   
> Randall, Welcome back to the land of the living! We were wondering where
> you'd been.
> I'm very curious about the HbA1c not being reliable... I've never heard
> of it before.

It has something to do with a ratio between different types of blood 
cells in your blood.  Some people with a high ratio of what is 
essentially "new" blood cells or "immature" blood cells to the other 
blood cells will have a false high A1c because these cells take up 
glucose much faster than the other cells.  The test to measure this 
ratio is expensive and not widely available, and many doctors don't 
believe the results because there's never been a "clinical study" to 
actually determine what this really means.   The DCCT used the test 
to help make sure that the A1c values of the participants could be 
used to evaluate control - they especially didn't want any false high 
readings.   It is a low percentage of people who have this high ratio 
so it's not a hot research topic...  This is why I keep detailed 
records - so that if I get a high A1c we can look at the records and 
try to determine if it is a false reading or not.
Randall Winchester

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