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Re: [IP] Going on pump ... one of these days.


>My internist sent my ins co a letter last Friday drafted according to their
>instuctions.He had collected my MI BGs for some 3 months prior to that, and
>sent them to the ins co as well.  Hopefully, my ins co *will* offer to pay
for my
>MM pump soon through a local branch of a company, which qualifies for 90%
>payment ( after I pay my $175 deductable, of course... ).  Have *no* idea
>MM helped my internist draft the ins co letter.  Hope so,

My insurance company balked initially, even after reviewing my 3 months of
records. What did the trick for me was offering to FAX them 15 year's worth
of blood sugar readings, exercise records, etc.

As I've told others, I told the insurance representative to "Clear the
phone lines, move away from the FAX machine, get children and small pets
out of the room, here comes 15 years' worth of data. Call me when the phone
lines clear". <vbg>. Yeah, I guess I did get a little nasty about it, but I
wasn't going to screw around. I got my approval that afternoon ;-)

In my case, the prior 3 months showed fairly good control, but that is not
the only reason for going on the pump. Also, my 3 months' prior readings
were pretty good, because I was trying to really "behave myself" in
anticipation of going on the pump. The more accurate data was actually from
a longer period of time which was a better picture of the true struggle.

Bob Burnett

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