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Re: [IP] set changes

Renee wrote:

>    This a.m. I walked by her room at 6:00 & saw her tossing & turning and
>breathing strangely...woke her up to test & she was 280!!!...had her take 4
>units from her Novopen & at 7:30 she was down to 160...inserted a new
>set.....106 by 12:00 after milk, 12 mini-waffles & regular pancake syrup for
>breakfast.....82 when she got home at 6:00 p.m.....obviously working fine...
>    Anyone else have a "significant other" ever comment on "tossing &
>in their sleep and then awaken HIGH?...just curious???


This happened to me numerous times when I was on Humalog and became very
common just prior to me discontinuing Humalog.

These symptoms for me usually indicate *low* blood sugar, so this was very
confusing. When I woke after these events, I was often sweaty and noticed a
rapid or "heavy" pulse.

One theory we discussed was that I was going low *very, very* quickly in my
sleep, then rebounding, resulting in the high BG when waking. That was
difficult to prove. A continuous glucose sensor would have provided the
necessary detail, but since it's not on the market yet, there's not much I
can do. What's interesting in your daughter's case is that this happened
when it was time for a set change. I don't know if there is a correlation
here, but it's interesting.

Our operating theory at this point is that I am "allergic" or highly
"sensitive" to Humalog. We don't know why it took more than 14 months on
Humalog for this condition to fully manifest itself. Many of these
"symptoms" were subtle, but present all along. It's possible that I finally
reached the point where my body simply stated "No more of this Humalog
stuff, please".

Since I've returned to Velosulin, I don't have this problem in my sleep. I
did take an injection of Humalog the other morning to quickly bring down a
high BG (it worked quickly) and I felt absolutely *horrible* for the next 5
hours. I felt nauseous, "fogged out" and was seriously thinking of leaving
work (which I never do - I always stick it out). By lunchtime, I felt
better with no after effects. This was just another of those events that I
logged into my "Gee, that was interesting, but what the hell just
happened?" memory bank.

Remember, Your Mileage May Vary.

Bob Burnett

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