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[IP] Re: Rather not do it again


Friday morning I had a very stressful and traumatic event happen to me. 
I was attacked/assaulted by a guy that weighs about 500 or 600 pounds --
much much much larger than me.

This event kept me stressed out to the max all day Friday.  That evening
I started feeling ill and checked my BG.  My Profile meter read "HI"
(this means that the BG is over 600).  I attempted to bring down my BG
with Humalog using the rule of 1500's.  I would calculate the insulin
needed and take it then wait 30 to 45 minutes to test again.  I did this
about 3 times before my BG seemed to be normal.  A little bit later I
suddenly felt like I was going to pass out (this part hit me like a
rock) and I told my friend that was at my apartment to call 911

These are the only events I can think of that were any different from my
normal routine preceding the coma.

<< Post the details:

What kind of insulin, basals, anything strange you ate, whatever you 
can think of.... for the few days before your nice! visit to the ER.

email @ redacted >>


	... Sue  :-)

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