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[IP] Totally frustrated!!!!!!

Okay, O' Great Ones Of Experience...I need some words of encouragment
and some help...I want to rip this damn pump right out of me and go back
to those god forsaken injections!!!  I was doing wonderfully keeping it
more or less in the 100 to 160's.  Now, the past week I have been up and
down and can't get it back to where it was - EXAMPLE:  7p.m. 49, 11p.m.
244, 7a.m. 200, 12p.m. 200, 2p.m. 205, 4p.m. 55, 6p.m. 100 (FINALLY!)
and then 8p.m. 55!!!!!!  Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!  It is not my carb.
counting, I'm not that bad (really) and I am NOT over bolusing when it
is high (I do the little math equation with the calculator even!)  WHAT
IS WRONG?!?!?   Anyone willing to take a guess at it...my doctor and I
have been guessing and it isn't working?!?!?                 -Tonya D.

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