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Re: [IP] What do you make of this??

Hi Laurel,
You know I was just  asking my self the exact same question this week
myself.  I started my Pump last Friday and it was super exciting to take
a BG reading and see it exactly where it was suppose to be - 3 times in
a row!  But after about the 3rd day I started to notice my self becoming
a lot quieter, and getting down on myself for things that I usually
giggle off as just life, (Like they don't call me Chuckles for nothing
:o).  Anyway I took myself off the pump for the past 2 days figuring
that my body just wasn't use to this constant infusion of a hormone all
day long, unfortunately it worked, the blues passed and I'm back to
normal, I'm seeing my Endo on Tuesday and will restart, and hopefully my
bod will be a little more adapted to the pump and the full time insulin
infusion.  I'll let you know how it goes  :o)    Good luck with your
cat! And DON'T give up on the Pump...

Take Care,
Chuckles G.
Type I since 87

BTW for anyone looking for the 1800 # for Lifescan they are;
Lifescan USA - 1 800 843-8378
Canada - 1 800 663-5621

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