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Re: [IP] set changes

GGMarshall wrote:
> I've now been on the pump 1 week and am impressed with how good my numbers
> are.  I have changed the set twice and have had problems both times.  My BS
> immediately started going up and I changed the set 3 times each before I could
> get it back under control.  Its very frustrating since I am following the book
> by the letter and I am a nurse, so I know how to fill a syringe etc.  Is it
> just because I don't know what I 'm doing, or what??  I dread the thought of
> the next set change!!  It has really helped me gain confidence reading these
> letters from others pumpers!

OK, a few questions seem in order. What kind of infusion sets are you using?
You are probably aware, but just to check:
Do you bolus a small amount to fill the canula (especially if Teflon) after 
insertion? A bolus of .5 to .7 units is normal, with variations between
different kinds of sets.
Do you fill the syringe with cold insulin, directly out of the fridge? Warming
it up before putting on the connector can eliminate most of the small bubbles
trapped in the insulin.

This is likely WAY to basic for you, but I always think it's best to overdo
than not in these situations.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, 4.5 on MM506 pump
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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