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Re: [IP] ?'s about 507 pump cases

> For those of you with kids pumping and they use the MM507:
> Do any of your children use a case to protect the pump?  I'm
> wondering about Kayla being a normal rambunctious 5yo and banging
> the pump around.  Do we need to get a protective case for it?  If
> so, I know there are several to choose from.  What do ya'll
> recommend?

If you're thinking about the sportguard, it is HUGE and an incredible 
hassle. Lily (at 11) managed to kill her 506 pump three times in the 
first year of pumping, but each time it was 'death by drowning' from 
a leaky sportguard. MM has a policy of getting you a loaner 
OVER-night air so it's not a really big deal. Other than the drowning 
deaths, Lily has dropped it a lot, played soccer with it and gotten 
whacked in the pump, and every other imaginable trauma without any 
ill effects. The paint has peeled off, clips have brocken, it's 
scratched etc..... but is still works great. As they say 'takes a 
lickin, keeps on tickin'. 

Look at it this way, by the time the warranty runs out, she'll be 8 
or 9 years old and will be used to taking care or it.

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